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At the annual Robbins O2 silver note event held at Hilton London, replica watches presented the Raymond Williams International Artist award to the international superstar Pharrell Williams.

Pharrell Williams took over the trophy from Craig leach, the UK brand director of Raymond Williams, and fake watches, the limited-edition champagne city of Raymond Williams. Many music stars witnessed this glorious moment, including Jimmy Page, sir Tom Jones, Black Sabbath, Chas & amp; Dave, Paloma faith, Giorgio Moroder, Laura Avila, Gaby Roslin, and Gareth Malone.

It was nominated for the best original song of this year's Oscar. In 2013, Pharrell Williams teamed up with Daft Punk to launch the champion single "get lucky" and produced the 2013 best-selling single "blurred lines" for Robin to think. Over the past 20 years, Pharrell has won many Grammy Awards and participated in the production of several champion singles, including Britney Spears's "I & Ma slave for you" and Nelly's "hot in here." devwatches is loved by fans all over the world. In 2009, Pharrell Williams and Snoop Dogg sang "drop it like it &" shot, "which was selected as the golden song of the year by Billboard, while replica watches were only a small part of his many achievements. Elie Bernheim, CEO of Raymond Williams, said: "We are very pleased to present the Raymond Williams International Artist award to Pharrell Williams at today's Mordor Robbins O2 silver note luncheon. This year, his "happy" and "girl" has achieved great success all over the world. Replica watches have experienced the most incredible year since its inception. He even made it to the stage of all British music awards and the Academy Awards.

This year is memorable. In the past 11 years, we have the honor to join hands with the Mordor Robbins Foundation to recognize the best artists in the music industry. We are delighted that Pharrell Williams has become the winner of the 2014 Mordor Robbins O2 silver note Ramon way International Artist Award. " Since 1976, the O2 silver note award ceremony has brought together artists from various fields of the music industry, and wearing luxury replica watches has jointly raised funds for Robbin's music therapy. This year's O2 silver note award ceremony is still the "climax" of charity fund-raising activities, and it is also a significant event in the British music industry, attracting many famous stars to participate in charity.

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The Mordor Robbins foundation, a music charity, is committed to using music to change the lives of people of different ages across the UK. It has received strong support from the music industry, and has become the preferred charity for the UK Music Awards and music industry trust awards. So far, the O2 silver note award ceremony has been held for 39 times. Since 1976, it has raised more than 8 million pounds for the Mordor Robbins foundation.

Previous winners of the Ramon way International Artist Awards include: Vampire Weekend, Michael Bubl é, Swedish House Mafia, Kelis, meatloaf, John Legend, foo fighters, Bob Geldof, Bon Jovi, and Kylie Minogue.